Hello, my name is Huang Junzhe, born on 31 Dec, 1997 in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, and graduated from Ocean University of China (Sanya) with the master degree of Computer Technology.

I currently (since 7 Aug, 2023) work at CATL as System Engineer in the BMS Department, and I am/was in charge of the electrical vehicle projects of Fisker, P3M and CEER.

Additionally, I had my internship at Sino-Fintech Co., Ltd. (CICC) during 2017 for half an year.

I lay my projects in

  • FreeBlob.com,
  • TinyCenter.com (WideComputing.com),
  • StandardStream.com,
  • InsightFintech.com,
  • SinoComputing.com (LargeComputing.com),
  • MyTensor.com (FreeTensor.com),
  • SinoCollege.com,
  • SenseUnlimited.com,
  • Hubness.com (HuShu.com).

Ce widecomputing.com est mon site personnel, auquel je partageais souvent mon avis et ce que j’apprenais. Je l’ai trouvé un genre très convivial à transmettre les informations et faire un résumé pour moi-même. C’est donc que j’y persisterai.

Please feel free to contact me at HuangJZ@SinoFintech.com (or hello@largeio.com) if you need further information.